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  • Guangzhou Headquarters

    OA:Room 806, building C, jinjintiandi, no. 1, jinshazhou education road, baiyun district, guangzhou

    TEL:+86 186 8203 9851(Kitty)

  • Yiwu office

    ADD:Building 52, lingyun 2nd district, beiyuan street, yiwu city, zhejiang province

    TEL:+86 150 2455 4768(Mr. Wang)

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    TEL:+971 52988 6655(Mr. Liu)

  • Qatar office


    TEL:+974 3055 3008(Miss Chen )

  • Kuwait office


    TEL:+965 6778 9180(lucky )

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GuangZhou XianYiCargo CO.,LTDSince its establishment, we have maintained a good long-term strategic cooperative relationship with many well-known sea and air carriers, enabling us to provide customers with fast, high-quality and professional services and supporting facilities. The company has established various management systems to provide customers with first-class logistics technology. The company has experienced, trained, skilled professionals, dedicated to provide you with appropriate solutions, professional advice and reliable services. Standard internal management, smooth work flow, strong service awareness, is the guarantee of competitiveness. The company has always been "customer first, service first" purpose, with strong strength, excellent talent, efficient service and good reputation has been recognized by customers at home and abroad.

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  • Kitty


    General manager

    Do everything carefully, treat everyone carefully, do not forget the original intention, go forward courageously.

  • Lucky


    Business manager

    8 years focus on the Middle East freight field, senior freight expert; 6 years experience in overseas business development and deep knowledge in overseas markets, familiar with customs import and export rules and procedures of Middle East gulf countries.

  • Vincy


    Customer service supervisor

    3 years of air and sea freight operation experience is a little bit of accumulation, do not forget the original intention, to serve every customer is my belief. -- excellence because of professionalism

  • Michelle


    DUBAI logistics line service

    Sincerely for you to provide convenient, safe and reliable Middle East logistics services. I will think more and do better for you!

  • Vivi


    DOH logistics line service

    Care for customers, efficiency first, I strive to provide every customer with the most efficient, the most convenient, the most comprehensive service.

  • Yellow


    Kuwaiti logistics line service

    Committed to maintaining and serving every customer! - serious work, sincere people, the heart of the sun, the foot of the power, and strive to become a better themselves.

The state council: import and export cargo port construction fee, free!  Cargo port fees, port facilities security fees  Such as the government pricing fee standard, reduce 20%!

The state council: import and export cargo port construction fee, free! Cargo port fees, port facilities security fees Such as the government pricing fee standard, reduce 20%!2020-03-11

The state council: import and export cargo port construction fee, free! Cargo port fees, port facilities security fees Such as the government pricing fee standard, reduce 20%!

  • 02

    What are the professional aspects of choosing import and export agents

    Nowadays, under the trend of internationalization, the communication and contact between countries, especially in business and trade, are becoming more and more close. The homogeneity and saturation of the same goods in the domestic market make the merchants pay more and more attention to the overseas market. On the one hand, there is no domestic specialty goods in the overseas market, on the other hand, there are fresh goods to increase the richness of life, which is also the demand of overseas consumers One of the sources. Now let's talk about the professional performance of import and export agents.


  • 03

    Increase knowledge! Shipping, container free container rent and free heap meaning!

    When the container volume is large or the destination is far away from the unloading port, the customer will usually request to apply for a long enough period of free container storage when booking the space. Only know free ark is easier, free heap is opposite difficulty, after all what distinction has, share with everybody here.


  • 04

    The latest global shipping company shipping capacity ranked TOP100!

    According to the latest Alphaliner capacity data, as of November 28, 2019, the global container ship capacity was 23,549,618TEU. The total number of container ships in operation is 6,148.


  • 05

    Seaborne customers will face sharp increases in fuel prices in December

    With less than six weeks to go before the implementation date of the IMO 2020 low-sulfur law, "shippers and forwarders are starting to pull out their wallets to help shipping companies pay for the extra cost of clean, low-sulfur fuel," said Philip Damas, director of Drewry Supply Chain Advisors.


Common problems


Before shipment

  • About the packing of the goods

    Ensuring that the goods are properly packed reduces the risk of delay and damage in transit. It is worth the extra time spent packaging and marking the goods and ensuring that they meet the requirements of a particular country.

    一、Our company's principles on packing

    (1)Suitable for transportation -- to avoid and prevent damage caused by shock and shock during normal transportation, and to protect against moisture.

    (2)Easy loading and unloading - improve loading and unloading efficiency, avoid rough handling.

    (3)Appropriate packaging - choose the right packaging materials to avoid unnecessary waste.

    (4)Goods and packaging in one - goods and packaging together closely, there should be no friction, extrusion and impact.

    (5)Pay attention to direction - pay attention to the up arrow on the box and avoid inverting and sidetracking.

    (6)Center of gravity - avoid rolling of cargo during transportation.

    二、 Packaging requirements for fragile goods:

    (1)According to the size and weight of the object, choose the outer packing with different strength (corrugated paper box, wooden box, etc.).

    (2)Objects can not be directly put into the box, must be on the bottom of the box on the shockproof material, and between objects and objects, between objects and boxes filled with shockproof material, to prevent shaking, and then sealed the box.

    (3)Objects that are afraid of inversion must be marked with items that are afraid of inversion.

    (4)Fragile, must be marked as fragile.

    packaging box

    1. Please choose carton + woven bag for air transportation;

    2. Clearly identified - Please write the marks on the outer cases according to our requirements. All goods and packages must be marked "made in China";

    3. Avoid blank - Too much padding can reduce stack strength. Avoid using cases that are much larger than the cargo because of the risk of being crushed.

    4. Heavy box - Pallets must be used for cases weighing more than 60 kg

    5. Use H seal - Type H seals at the top and bottom with appropriate sealing straps, and consider strapping heavy boxes.

    Packing tray

    1. To bundle or wrap - All items must be secured to the tray by strapping and/or wrapping to form an inseparable integral unit;

    2. The edge of the goods shall not exceed the size of the pallet

    3. Vertical stacking - The longitudinal direction ensures maximum stacking strength. If the cargo is solid, a "brick form" can be used to increase stability.

    4. Keep flat - The surface of the horizontal top layer can improve the strength, compact structure and stacking.

    5. Defective or damaged pallets are prohibited。

    Irregular packing

    1. Sharp/protruding items must be wrapped in protective padding before being placed in the box. Do not use anything to protrude from the packed box as there is a risk of damage to the shading during stacking. Use larger boxes or consider pallets if necessary.

    2. The maximum weight and size of heavy/oversized items by air and sea are different. For shipments exceeding 2.4m x 1.2m x 1.5m (length x width x height) or 500kg, please contact customer service.

  • The goods are overweight

    International transportation requires the shipper to provide accurate information about the volume, size and weight of the goods. Although the container transport has a fixed size, but the weight of each container also has a clear requirement: 20 feet ordinary boxes generally do not exceed 17.5 tons; A 40-foot container usually does not exceed 22 tons. So the consignor should distribute the goods reasonably in advance to arrange the packing, must not save freight and let the container "overeat". There was once a company that loaded a single 20-foot container with more than 40 tons of cargo without notifying the transportation agent or the port in advance. As a result, the crane motor was burned down due to the box weight being much higher than the load of the crane in the port. The shipper should not only compensate for the loss of the crane, but also take out several cases to reload, which has delayed the delivery time.

  • How is the air freight calculated?

    1、Air freight is based on weight multiplied by unit price, weight is based on kilogram (kg) as a unit, in the case of small volume and large weight, according to the actual weight; In case of bulk and weight, it is calculated by volume。

    2、Volume weight is a method of calculating the weight of light foam cargo in the transportation industry. Volumetric weight is the weight of the cargo that can be obtained by the volume of the cargo using the reduction formula。

    3、The formula for calculating the volume and weight is length cm× width cm× height cm/6000, which is generally equal to 167 kg after conversion。

After shipment

  • How do I track my cargo?

    Through the "goods tracking" column in the page header of the website, enter the customer name and customer phone number query, easy to track the goods.

  • The bill of lading modify

    Amendment means that the contents of the bill of lading are still not in conformity with the documents stipulated by the shipping company and need to be modified after the deadline, which results in the amendment and the cost shall be borne by the fault party.

  • Which can't be divided or combined?

    分单:A close under a single number list, shipping FCL and CY/CY terms should be L/C requirements guests, or other documents requirements, divided into two or more than two points of the bill of lading, namely according to single, general single consignee should be the same person, such as the consignee is by two or more in advance and ship company confirm whether operating CY/CFS, generally get out company does not provide LCL service, but can find peers the port of destination agent operation, need to pay fees.

    并单:For two or more bills of lading under single item no., FCL CY/CY clause, and the goods are loaded on the same ship and shipped to the same port of destination, they can be combined into one bill of lading at the request of the customer. Generally, the consignee should be the same.

    The order and the combined order must be in the same ship the same destination port, the same route, the same type of payment method, (FCL or LCL) case can be divided or combined order but some shipping companies are not allowed to carry out the order, according to the specific shipping company and decided.