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Customs declaration


Customs declaration and inspection is the core of import and export goods clearance. Customs declaration refers to the process in which the consignee or consignor of import and export goods, the person in charge of the inbound and outbound means of transport, the owner of the inbound and outbound articles or their agents go through the inbound and outbound formalities for goods, articles or means of transport and relevant customs affairs with the customs. Inspection application, also known as "inspection application", refers to the formalities of applying for inspection, quarantine and appraisal to import and export commodity inspection and quarantine institutions by foreign trade related parties in accordance with the provisions of laws, administrative regulations and contracts or as required. It is a link of inspection and quarantine of import and export commodities.

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Additional services

1、In order to meet the needs of customers in each port, we have mastered the experience of each port shipment, can provide customers with payment, customs declaration, commodity inspection, fumigation and other services。

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What is the process of customs declaration and inspection?

The inspection process:1、The commodity inspection authorities accept the application for inspection; 2. Sampling; 3. Inspection; 4. Issue the certificate;

Customs clearance process:1. Declaration; 2. Inspection; 3. Taxation; 4, release;