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2019-12-12 16:04

Brand:Regular direct flights

Transportation:By air

Prescripti:7-10 Day

Customs clearance:Yes

Send:Door-to-door delivery (extra delivery fee is required in remote areas or customers can collect it by themselves)

Our company promises that we will supervise the whole transportation process 24 hours a day from the time when the customer entrusts us to transport the goods, so as to ensure that your goods can arrive at the destination safely in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

Scope of export business

Export according to the client's entrustment, handle all business before and after the export of goods; Review various lists and approvals provided by customers; Making out all kinds of documents; Booking space and customs declaration; To handle certificate of origin, insurance policy and commodity inspection certificate; Booking of flights, loading and unloading of domestic transport, packing, issuing of bills of lading, settlement of freight and miscellaneous expenses, express delivery of domestic and foreign documents; To handle import declaration, tax payment, transshipment and delivery; Handle the agency business abroad.

Exit operation flow

1、Power of attorney

The shipper fills in the consignment form. Check book should include the following contents: the shipper, consignee, of departure airports, destination airport, the requirements of the route/apply for booking, declared value for shipping, value for customs declaration, insurance amount, handle matters, waybill attached file, the actual gross weight, freight rate category, billing weight, name and quantity of the goods, the shipper signature, date, etc.

Bulk cargo:Packing list provided by shipper. Packing list contents: customer's shipping mark, name, quantity, weight, packing specification (size), value, picture, contact number of carrier, contact information and address of consignee for each case.

2、Review the documents

The documents shall include: invoice, packing list, consignment letter, filing of monomial, commodity inspection certificate, claim agreement, letter of guarantee on arrival and seal.


After receiving the delivery forecast from the consignor, our company will provide the best route and the most reasonable freight according to the consignor's requirements. After confirmation, the customer submits the booking manifest to the airline.

Bulk cargo:We will arrange the shipment at a fixed time.

4、Be put in storage

Delivery by consignor: the consignor shall deliver the goods and packing list to our warehouse as required, send them to the warehouse keeper for receipt and issue a receipt to the carrier.

Our company comes to pick up the goods: the consignor shall provide the specific address, contact person, telephone number, time and other relevant information to our company to receive the goods, so as to ensure timely warehousing of the goods. The cost shall be charged separately.

5、Export declaration

After the declaration documents are complete, the consignor shall declare to the customs on behalf of our company.

6、Foreign customs clearance

After the goods arrive at foreign ports, our company shall submit the documents to the foreign customs for declaration.


After the completion of customs clearance, our company shall arrange unified delivery or notify the consignee to pick up the goods.

8、Disbursement and settlement

For the first time cooperation or billing customers, the relevant freight and incidental expenses shall be settled before the departure of the aircraft. Monthly statement customer should confirm the bill before the plane takes off.

Bulk cargo:The first cooperation customer or ticket settlement customer, after receiving the delivery notice, need to pay the freight first, then delivery.

Special line exit notice

1.Holidays, flight delays, customs inspection and other special circumstances, will have an impact on the overall time limit, special circumstances will be notified in time;

2.All goods and packages must be marked "made in China"; The outer packing of the goods shall conform to the international transportation standards and the goods shall not be exposed.

3.Packing requirements: cartons are covered with woven bags. Please affix or write down the shipping mark (customer code) on the outer carton.

4.For oversized and overweight pieces (gross weight per piece ≥40kgs), please inform our company in advance, and help to prepare the pallets for the use of forklift.

5.Bluetooth headset can not be mixed, need separate packaging;

6.It is suggested not to mix the goods as far as possible. If the goods of different prices are mixed, the settlement shall be made according to the highest price.

7.Please pack the fragile goods and take safety measures. Our company will not accept compensation for the damage during transportation.

8.Please purchase insurance for high-value items; Our company shall compensate the freight of the lost goods for the loss of the whole goods by 1 times (without paying the freight of the lost goods), the maximum of which shall not exceed 50% of the value of the goods;

9.In order to avoid extra express fees, if you are not sure whether the goods can be cleared successfully, please consult our customer service staff before sending the goods to our warehouse, and send them to our warehouse after checking and confirming.

10.In order to meet the requirements of the national logistics real-name system, please provide the scanned copy of the consignor's certificate (personal id card or company business license) and the true and accurate information of the goods. The consignor shall bear the responsibility for the extra costs and delays in the declaration caused by inconsistent information.

Refuse to accept the goods

1.Goods without shipping marks and contact Numbers;

2.No counterfeit brands, food, toys, cosmetics, monitoring equipment, religious products, written books, inflammable and explosive articles, liquids, powder and other items prohibited by other countries or restricted by iata;




    Fixed shipping schedule and route, efficient and safe; Air shipment every Monday and Wednesday, from shipment to customs clearance delivery, aging 5-6 days; The container is loaded by sea every Monday, and it can reach the port of dubai and be delivered through customs clearance within 25-30 days after loading.



    The shipping date and route are fixed, the price is preferential, the time is fast, the procedure is free, the service is in place; Air shipment every Wednesday, from shipment to customs clearance delivery, aging 5-7 days; Sea loading every Monday, from loading to customs clearance delivery is generally 25-30 days.



    Fixed shipping schedule and route, simplified import and export procedures, safe, fast, affordable. Shipment by air every Thursday, from shipment to customs clearance delivery, aging 7-10 days; The container is loaded by sea every Saturday. Generally, it takes about 35-45 days to clear the customs and deliver the goods. For special goods, the time limit is 40-50 days due to customs clearance.



    The company has a professional customer service team, to provide you with warehousing, booking space, commodity inspection, customs clearance, purchasing insurance, real-time feedback of goods information and other one-stop services; Air freight from shipment to customs clearance delivery, aging 5-6 days; Generally, the sea transport can arrive at the port of dubai in about 25-30 days from container loading and clear customs for delivery.

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    To provide you with the whole process of tracking, goods from warehouse entry, customs clearance, export transshipment, warehousing and charter, local delivery services; Air freight from shipment to customs clearance delivery, aging 5-6 days; Generally, the sea transport can arrive at the port of dubai in about 25-30 days from container loading and clear customs for delivery.