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The state council: import and export cargo port construction fee, free! Cargo port fees, port facilities security fees Such as the government pricing fee standard, reduce 20%!

2020-03-11 10:42

       On March 3, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council, deployed and improved the "six stability" work coordination mechanism, effectively responded to the impact of the epidemic and promoted the smooth operation of the economy and society.
The meeting determined measures to support transportation, express delivery and other logistics industries to alleviate difficulties and accelerate recovery and development. We will increase tax cuts and reduce fees.

1、 Guide relevant enterprises to return to work in a precise and orderly manner in different regions and levels, and cancel unreasonable return to work approval.

Coordinate and guarantee the anti epidemic materials such as masks required for resumption of work.

All localities should give equal access to postal services and express delivery enterprises of all kinds of ownership, push forward to break the "last mile" access and delivery barriers in villages and communities, and incorporate intelligent delivery facilities into urban and rural public infrastructure construction.

2、 We will gradually increase tax cuts and reduce fees.

Within a certain period of time, we will continue to implement the policy of halving the urban land use tax on bulk commodity storage land due at the end of last year.

From March 1st to June 30th, import and export cargo port construction fees will be exempted, and government pricing standards such as cargo port fees and port facility security fees will be reduced by 20%, and mandatory emergency response services and fees for non tanker cargo ships will be cancelled.

By the end of June, half of the fees for railway insurance, delayed use of containers and detention of trucks will be charged.

Reduce the charges of some government managed airport service guarantee links.

For transportation and logistics enterprises that perform emergency transportation tasks during epidemic prevention and control, if the government purchases public services, the finance at all levels shall compensate them.

3、 Insurance companies should be encouraged to appropriately reduce and remit the insurance costs of operating vehicles, ships and aircrafts that are shut down during the epidemic by extending the insurance period and deducting the insurance costs.

During the free passage of toll roads, if it is difficult to repay the principal and interest of the financial debts of the operating entities, financial institutions shall be guided to provide support such as delaying the payment of interest, extending the principal or renewing the loan.

Take practical measures to make truck drivers benefit from toll free.

We will encourage local governments to take measures such as phasing out or reducing "money" to help taxi drivers overcome difficulties.
As soon as possible, follow-up support and guarantee policies for toll road free passage will be issued.

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  • The state council: import and export cargo port construction fee, free! Cargo port fees, port facilities security fees Such as the government pricing fee standard, reduce 20%!


    The state council: import and export cargo port construction fee, free! Cargo port fees, port facilities security fees Such as the government pricing fee standard, reduce 20%!

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