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Main Middle East region of international shipping services, and the major logistics service providers closely cooperation, to provide customers with FCL & LCL shipping services, routes throughout the world, the cost is transparent and reasonable, is your choice of trust!

service content

Handle all business before and after the export of goods according to the client's entrustment; Review various lists and approvals provided by customers; Making out all kinds of documents; Booking space and customs declaration; To handle certificate of origin, insurance policy and commodity inspection certificate; To handle import declaration, tax payment, unpacking/transshipment and delivery; Handle the agency business in foreign countries

  • Warehousing & distribution

    Full chain warehouse management, process operation strictly control distribution and efficiency.

  • Cargo booking

    Sufficient shipping space is guaranteed, and the prearranged manifest is sent in time for information checking.

  • Cargo insurance

    With the insurance company to establish a green claim channel, direct docking rapid order.

  • Export declaration

    Multiple ports and various customs clearance methods are adopted to reduce the inspection rate of goods.

Our strengths

Always give priority to customer needs, to provide more sophisticated and comprehensive FCL and LCL services

  • International shipping FCL and LCL services

    FCL and LCL business, including door to door service and other services at home and abroad

  • Inland transport services

    With a number of gates, flexible allocation of resources, compression of time and cost, modern logistics system, to meet the needs of inland cargo transport

  • One-stop transportation insurance solution

    Cooperation with a number of insurance companies, cargo insurance coverage worldwide, full name to provide exclusive one-to-one service

  • Professional customs broker

    Proprietary customs clearance point, customs clearance ability, fast and efficient speed, to provide a choice of optimized import clearance scheme

  • Provide 24 - hour online tracking and inquiry service

    With a professional cargo information management system, customers can check the cargo situation anytime and anywhere

Service process

The operation process is linked with each other, closely linked with the shipping system, so that you worry less, rest assured more secure!